Ubuntu Touch is Unvieled Loud and Clear


Developers got their hands on Ubuntu Touch for the first time at the Mobile World Congress back at the end of February.  Being open-source the OS is already available for installation, but only to Google Nexus devices for now.

The new platform takes concepts from Android, iOS, Blackberry, and WebOS to create a promising environment. In fact, CNET rated Ubuntu Touch above Firefox OS, which was unveiled at the same show.  However, although simple and somewhat elegant, the apps — not the home screen — seem to be lacking that classic Ubuntu appeal — perhaps they could use Ubuntu’s signature light violet.
The OS has all the default apps you would expect to see on a smartphone or tablet: a calculator, calendar, video app, etc. but unexpectedly enough it will give users access to Linux’s renown Terminal. Time to get geeky with your tablet huh?

Developers can now download the Ubuntu Touch SDK preview and start writing apps which will eventually be available to customers on many different devices. They have a choice of coding either in the widely-used HTML5 or in QML, which according to Ubuntu “is an extremely powerful” JavaScript derivative.

I’m sure that over the next few months Canonical (Ubuntu’s parent company) will focus more of its design power on Ubuntu Touch, and by the time of official release it will be polished to perfection.

(Top photo courtesy of tip4mobile.com, bottom photo courtesy of geek.com)


Hey. It's showtime.

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